Experience in the use of Collamask

The story of transformation to share with us Josefine the city of Aalborg (Danmark). The woman told me that after the rapid weight loss, the skin condition worsened, the mask Collamask could be returned to her former youth and beauty.

It always looks good, especially I don't think that it will not always be. Many of my friends asked me how I manage to maintain the youthful skin of the face, neck, décolleté, but never would I have thought that this somehow should be interested. The skin always elastic, nourished and smooth. But what happened to him after the quick weight loss would leave the shock.

Like excessive weight, rapid weight loss caused by the deterioration of the skin

Anyway, when I got pregnant, gained 18 pounds. The weight doesn't scare me, because it seemed to me that I'm not overweight. I was certain that everything you have entered stays in the hospital. However, not everything turned out the way I thought. To live the extra weight I didn't want to, that's why I decided to stop breastfeeding, to urgently participate in the forms. Competent gradual weight loss was not for me, because I need to get to the beach season is needed to Shine in a swimsuit. Anyway, I sat on a rigid diet, and then exhaust yourself in the training.

Such barbaric methods really gave me the result: your body fast change, suitable for the fat melting before your eyes. However, the skin on the face, I dropped it, the contours will be is not clear, the nasolabial folds were very pronounced wrinkles. I look at myself in the mirror, it's hysterical. My husband supported than I, my friend, is also convinced that the time is always restored, we recommend that you drink a lot of water, not nervous more than anything. Of course, I tried to believe the best, but at the same time to save money for a facelift.

Mask Collamask redemption women wrinkles, sagging skin

Another year passed, I realized that waiting makes no sense anymore. I went to a plastic surgeon, who almost laughed at my face, and sent the consultation to the beautician. The specialist examined me and suggested that I use cream Collamaskthat special exercises less, how emotions affect the face. I definitely did not agree with such recommendations, he insisted on recording, chemical peels, any aggressive treatments, but the esthetician suggested that I get the time to give me a chance Collamaskand in a month, if you are not satisfied, then of course the treatments for rejuvenation.

Beautician assured me that many customers were satisfied with this cream, which I agreed to. I came home, not happy, but the cream is immediately struck. If even after one use I noticed the change in me, as if wings have grown behind. Usually the end of the month I was glad: the face became younger, facial contours become clear, the wrinkles disappear, the skin tight, shiny, and flexible. I'm just sorry that a year from now – if I went to a specialist earlier, he don't spend nothing lot of time, and the nerve cells.

Experience with the use of masks Collamask

They were friends, that I know what kind of treatments I do. At first they didn't believe in such incredible effect a simple cream, but then I decided to buy them myself. Now in every house Collamask. The cosmetic salon I came, but I don't need any drastic procedures, but thanks to a great recipe, the renewal, and that convinced him not to unnecessary surgery. Now I'm happy to look in the mirror, suggest that the women miracle cream Collamask.